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Center for Mathematical Inquiry

"To understand is to invent." - Jean Piaget


The UCSB Center for Mathematical Inquiry was established in the fall of 2004 with the reciept of a grant from the Educational Advancement Foundation. Housed in the Department of Mathematics at UCSB, the Center is one of five centers funded by the Foundation. Its purpose is to ensure continued developement of inquiry-based learning approaches in the teaching of mathematics and the continued development of a research base that examines teaching and learning through inquiry-based practices. The Center's program includes courses for UCSB undergraduates, an array of collaborations with local K-12 schools, and opportunities for UCSB mathematics graduate students to participate in both the undergraduate and K-12 programs.
History and Objectives

Undergraduate Courses

        Inquiry Calculus
        Courses for Prospective
        CCS Math

                                                                              MAA PREP 2012 Conference at UCSB

K-12 Programs

        Summer Workshops 2006
        Summer Workshops 2007
        Summer Workshops 2008
        Summer Workshops 2009
        Harding Laboratory School Summer Workshops 2010
        UCSB Center Partner School Summer Workshops 2011

        Algebra Workshops
        Winter Workshops 2009
        Spring Workshops 2009
        Winter/Spring Workshops 2008
        Thursday Afternoon Working Groups
        Project DELTA
        Lesson Study Groups
        Focus on a School Site
        Current Research

College of Creative Studies

Math in the City

Background on Inquiry Based Learning

UCSB Mathematics Department


The UCSB Center for Mathematical Inquiry is supported by grants from the Educational Advancement Foundation