UCSB Department of Mathematics
Center for Mathematical Inquiry
Undergraduate IBL Courses

        Each of the courses below is offered in small sections and is taught in an inquiry-based format. The content of the courses are as described in the UCSB General Catalogue but treat the material in greater depth.

Inquiry-Based Calculus Sequence for first year UCSB Students:

        Math 3CI: Differential Equations, Linear Algebra

        Math 5AI: Differential Equations, Linear Algebra

        Math 5BI: Multivariable Calculus

College of Creative Studies Math:

        Algebra and Geometry

        Linear Algebra

        Abstract Algebra

Courses for Prospective Teachers:

        Math 100AB: Math for Elementary Teaching

        Math 181AB: Problem Solving and Mathematics Teaching

The UCSB Center for Mathematical Inquiry is supported by grants from the Educational Advancement Foundation