Mathematics Department Computational Resources

The Mathematics Department strives to provide faculty and graduate students with advanced computing resources to aid in their education and research. Computer support is available to assist in projects from conception through the proposal process to the final report. Please contact the computer support manager (fuz at for more information. Below is a listing of the principal departmental computing resources available for research and education.

Computational Server - SunFire 280R, Dual 1.06GHz UltraSparc III cpus, 4 GB RAM, 200 MB storage per user (more available on request) - Software: MatLab, Mathematica, Sun FORTRAN & C Compilers, GNU Compilers, Pari, TeX, fftw3, ocaml, etc. - accounts available to all Mathematics faculty and graduate students.

Beowulf Clusters - 1 50 Node AMD Athlon XP 1700+ cluster, 100MBps ethernet (GigE to head), 768MB RAM per node, 10 GB scratch disk per node - Software: MatLab, PG Compilers, GNU Compilers, Pari, fftw3, MPICH, Maui Scheduler, etc. - accounts available to faculty and graduate students per PI approval. 1 4 node 1.8GHz PPC cluster, 1000MBps, 2 GB RAM per node, 50 GB scratch disk per node, RAID 0 /home - Software: MPICH, Maui, Torque, fftw3.

Graduate Computer Lab - 16 Mac, Windows, Linux computers mounting shared home directories (2GB per account) - Software: MatLab, Mathematica, Maple, MS Office, Photoshop, TeX, etc. - accounts available to faculty and graduate students.

Miscellaneous Resources - Digital Video Projectors + Laptop, Graduate Office Wireless, Network Copiers and Duplexing Printers, Document and Image Scanners.

Campus Resources - California NanoSystems Institute Computing Clusters , OIT Supercomputing Resources

In addition to these resources, support is available for the compilation of software packages as time allows. Some recent software packages compiled include GAP, Pari, snappea, and povray.