Discrete Geometry & Combinatorics Seminar

A weekly seminar on topics in discrete geometry with a combinatorial flavor.

We meet on Wednesdays 2:00-3:00pm in South Hall, 4607B.

For more information, contact the organizers: Gordon Kirby, Michael Dougherty, and Jon McCammond.

Past schedules:

Ways to Put One Thing Inside of Another

Steve Trettel | October 11

The Geometric Representation of a Coxeter Group and Low Rank Examples

Gordon Kirby | October 18

Infinite ball packings from hyperbolic reflection groups

Hao Chen | October 25

What it's like to get multiplied by a quaternion

Steve Trettel | Nov 1 (1:30 pm start time)

Graphs and Eigenvalues

Jon McCammond | Nov 8

Geometry over Finite Fields

Nadir Hajouji | Nov 29