Mango-Selm | Fluctuating Hydrodynamics
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We provide here a few screenshots to show how the basic results look as well as the graphical interface for setting up models. A few select features are also discussed. For more information download the software and give it a try for yourself or read the documentation.

The Mango-Selm graphical interface allows for the specification of model geometry and simulation parameters through a graphical user interface.


The Mango scripting language allows for the embedding of plots and other Jython generated output as a custom panel within the interface. A package has been implemented in Jython providing access to plotting routines from the library of JFreeChart. This allows for a wide variety of different plotting types (bar charts, histograms, scatter plots). The plotting package also allows for interactive exploration of data, including zooming, dynamic editing, and tool-tip observation of data values.

The Mango interface generates a complete set of parameter files for the LAMMPS MD-package and USER-SELM package. This includes a LAMMPS script that allows for easy command line execution of the specified simulation and XML data files that represent the SELM-based model, force interactions, and other parameters for SELM-related sub-routines.

The Mango interface allows for panels to be undocked to a frameview with free floating windows. This is shown below.