Carmen Galaz-García

Mathematics PhD candidate --- University of California, Santa Barbara


I am a graduate student working with the topology group at UCSB's Mathematics department . My advisor is Prof. Darren Long .

Research interests: geometric group theory, hyperbolic geometry and low dimensional topology. Some more specific topics: representations of hyperbolic groups into higher rank Lie groups, Anosov representations and pseudomodular groups.

Upcoming talks

- "On Morse representations of surface groups." -- Candidacy exam talk
December 4th 2018 at the UCSB Topology Seminar

- "New examples of pseudomodular jigsaw groups."
January 15th 2019 at JMM -- Special Session on Women in Topology


Email: carmengg '@' math '.' ucsb '.' edu

Office: South Hall 6432 K

University of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Mathematics

South Hall, Room 6607

Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3080


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