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Vector Calculus 2

Math 5C - Fall 2006


  • There will be a review session on Friday, Dec. 8th from 9:30am to 11:00 am at PHELP 1260

  • Review Sheet for the Final Exam.

    Instructor: Paolo Cascini.

    Teaching Assistant: Benjamin J Benoy.

    Lectures: TR 12:30- 1:45pm - NH 1006.
    Please check GOLD for the time and location of your discussion section. Note that attendance at a discussion section is mandatory.

    Course Description: Math 5C is the second quarter of a two quarter sequence in vector calculus and infinite series. A thorough knowledge of single variable calculus is assumed. See the Math 5C Course Description for more details.
    The Class Schedule will be continuosly updated during the quarter.

    Office Hours: T 3:15-4:15pm, R 2:00-4:00pm and by appointment.

    Textbook: Wilfred Kaplan - Advanced Calculus - Fifth Edition. Addison-Wesley Higher Mathematics.

    Please read the list of Frequently Asked Questions, before joining the Waiting List.

    Grading: Quizzes 20%, Midterms 30%, Final Exam 50%.

    Books, notes, calculators, scratch paper or collaboration will NOT be permitted on any of the exams or quizzes.

    Midterms: There will be two midterms given in class on Oct. 26 and Nov. 21. Only the highest score within the two midterms will be counted for the final grade. There will be NO make-up exam for any of the midterms.

    Quizzes: There will be three quizzes given during discussion section. Only the two highest scores will be counted for the final grade. There will be NO make-up date for any of the quizzes.

    Homeworks: There are homework assignments for each day's lecture. The assignments are posted on the website. The homeworks will be collected every week during discussion section.

    Final Exam: The final exam will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 12 from 12:00 to 3:00pm. The exam will cover all the material of the entire course. An incomplete may be assigned only for documented medical reasons.

    Class Schedule

        Date         Topics         Readings         Homeworks    
    R 9/28 Review Ch. 5.1-6  
    T 10/3 Line Integrals in Space Ch. 5.8  
    R 10/5 Surface Integrals Ch. 5.9-10 Ch. 5.10 - Ex 1 (a,b,c,d)
    T 10/10 Surface Integrals Ch. 5.10 Ch. 5.10 - Ex. 5 (a,b,d), 6 (d)
    R 10/12 Divergence Theorem Ch. 5.11 Ch. 5.11 - Ex. 1
    T 10/17 Stoke's Theorem Ch. 5.12 Ch. 5.13 - Ex. 1
    R 10/19 Independence of Path Ch. 5.13 Ch. 5.13 - Ex. 2
    T 10/24 Physical Applications Ch. 5.15  
    R 10/26 First Midterm    
    T 10/31 Infinite Series Ch. 6.5-6 Ch. 6.7 - Ex. 1,2,4,5
    R 11/2 Test for Convergence Ch. 6.6-7 Ch. 6.7 - Ex. 3,6,7,8,12
    T 11/7 Series of Functions Ch. 6.10-13 Ch. 6.13 - Ex. 1,2
    R 11/9 Cancelled    
    T 11/14 Power Series Ch. 6.14-15  
    R 11/16 Taylor & Maclaurin Series Ch. 6.16 Ch. 6.16 - Ex. 3
    T 11/21 Second Midterm    
    R 11/23 Thanksgiving Holiday    
    T 11/28 Fourier Series Ch. 7.1-3 Ch. 7.4 - Ex. 1 (a,b,c,d)
    R 11/30 Complex Form of Fourier Series Ch. 7.17  
    T 12/5 Wave Equation Ch. 10.7-8  
    R 12/7 Review    

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