Conference Talks and Presentations:

Galois modules and embedding problems (poster), French-German summer school at U of Konstanz, 2015
Normal integral basis and realizable classes, WAM at IAS, 2015
An overview in the study of Galois modules, USTARS, 2014
Galois module structure of abelian extensions, WiMSoCal, 2013

Seminar Talks:

The inverse Galois problem over Q, UCSB, 2015
Normal integral basis and embedding problems, Keio U, 2015
Diophantine equations and the Hasse principle, UCSB, 2015
Galois modules and embedding problems, UCSB, 2015
Galois module structure of number fields, UCSB, 2014
Primes of the form x^2+ny^2, UCSB, 2014
Introduction to supercharacters and superclasses, UCSB, 2014
Realizable classes of tame abelian extensions, UCSB, 2014
Galois modules and realizable classes, UCSB, 2013
Public-key, private-key, and quantum cryptography, UCSB, 2013
Existence of a normal integral basis and ramification, UCSB, 2013
A brief review on tensor product of modules, UCSB, 2013
An overview of valuation theory, UCSB, 2012
Infinite Galois theory and profinite group topology, UCSB, 2012