Organizational Work

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I am currently co-organizing the RTG topology seminar at UCSB.

I recently organized the following Conference in Celebration of Lee Mosher (funded by a GEAR grant).

Special Program Organized (for which I applied for and received grants from the NSF, LABEX, AMU, ANR):

Special Program on The Geometry of Outer Space: Investigated through its analogy with Teichmueller space

The program included a month-long research program and summer school.

Seminars Organized:

I organized the Oberseminar Gruppen und Geometrie at Bielefeld

In the spring of 2008, I organized a Graduate Student Seminar on Teichmuller Theory and Mapping Class Groups.

For two years I organized a Graduate Student Seminar in Geometric Group Theory.

Directed Reading Program:

I am proud to have founded the Rutgers Directed Reading Program in Mathematics modeled on that of the University of Chicago. Some of my mentees include Chris Skalit (who went on to earn his PhD from the University of Chicago and is now a postdoc at UIC), Charles Siegel (who went on to earn his PhD in algebraic geometry at UPenn and is now a postdoc at University of Tokyo), Aaron Samkoff, and Jordan Ledvina.

Math Clubs:

I was the Math Club president at the University of Chicago. At Simon's Rock I helped the math club restart. As part of this I organized special Putnam training sessions with a mathematician distinguished in math competitions and helped the students organize a "Pi Day" celebration.