Jerry Luo

A Stick Figure

Hello! If you were looking for Jerry's webpage, you found it.

I am currently a first year masters students in the Mathematics Department at UCSB.

Before this, I was doing my undergraduate studies in mathematics at the College of Creative Studies here in UCSB.

Colossians 3:17

Office: South Hall 6431X
Office Hours: Wednesday 1:30-2:30PM
Math Lab Hours: Monday 3-5PM

If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be William S. Massey's A Basic Course in Algebraic Topology .

I am intended to serve as a textbook for a course in algebraic topology at the beginning graduate level. The main topics covered are the classification of compact 2-manifolds, the fundamental group, covering spaces, singular homology theory, and singular cohomology theory. These topics are developed systematically, avoiding all unnecessary definitions, terminology, and technical machinery. Wherever possible, the geometric motivation behind the various concepts is emphasized.

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Postal Address:

Department of Mathematics
University of California,
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Research Interests : math

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