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Math 260Q: Combinatorics

Fall 2006

Instructor: Jon McCammond
Office hours: (TBA) and by appointment in South Hall 6711
Phone number. 893-2060 (no answering machine)
E-mail. jon.mccammond@math.ucsb.edu
My Home Page. http://www.math.ucsb.edu/~jon.mccammond/
Course Home Page . http://www.math.ucsb.edu/~jon.mccammond/courses/fall06/260Q/

Math 260 is the course number used for special topics courses. This course will focus on enumerative combinatorics. More specifically we will try and cover a little bit from each of the four chapters in Stanley's text (the 12-fold way, inclusion-exclusion arguments, partially ordered sets, and generating function techniques).


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