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Syllabus for Math 260R

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Instructor. Jon McCammond
Office hours. MW 9-9:50, T 12-12:50 and by appointment in SH 6711
E-mail. jon.mccammond@math.ucsb.edu
My Home Page. http://www.math.ucsb.edu/~jon.mccammond/
Course Home Page. http://www.math.ucsb.edu/~jon.mccammond/courses/spring11/260R/

Textbook. No required text, but two books are recommended: ``Advanced linear algebra'' by Roman and ``Classical groups and geometric algebra'' by Grove.

Course description. Math 260R is a topics course in algebra. The focus is on the interaction between projective geometry, linear algebra and the structure of the classical groups.

Grading. Your grade will primarily determined by attendance, participation, and the extent to which you complete the various short assignments given out during the course. As befits a third-year graduate course, the primary focus will be on the material itself rather than the grading.

Copyright Information. Please note that all written and web materials for this course have an implied copyright. In particular, you can download (or xerox) for your own use, but you may not reproduce them for others.

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