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Math 113: Non-euclidean geometry

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Instructor: Jon McCammond
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  • Geometry by D. Brannan, M. Esplen, J. Gray published by Cambridge
  • Hyperbolic Geometry by J. Anderson published by Springer

Course description. An introduction to hyperbolic geometry with some discussion of other non-Euclidean systems.

Grading: The plan is to use each book for roughly half the course at a depth which will vary according to the interests and ability of the class as a whole. Homework assignments will be given. The rest of your grade will be determined by attendence/participation, a midterm and a final exam. The weights of each of these are as follows.

Homework 15%
Participation 15%
Midterm 35%
Final 35%

The midterm will test the material covered during the first half of the course; the final exam will test the second half. The mid-term is tentatively scheduled for February 14th.

Make-ups: Make-ups for exams will only be given with documented University-approved excuses (see University Regulations).

ADA: Students with disabilities can get assistance from the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (845-1637). I'm happy to work with them and you.

Copyright Information: Please note that all written and web materials for this course have an implied copyright. In particular, you can xerox (or download) for your own use, but you may not reproduce them for others.

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