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Syllabus for Math 227B

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Instructor. Jon McCammond
Office hours. M 12:00-1:50 / W 12:00-12:50 and by appointment in South Hall 6711
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Description. Math 227 is a topics course in topology, broadly defined. The topic changes from quarter to quarter. Three of the simplest types of infinite groups are free groups, surface groups and free abelian groups. This course focuses on the (outer) automorphism groups of these groups which can be investigated through a geometric study of the automorphism groups of finite graphs, closed orientable surfaces and n-dimensional tori. The approach will be to survey major results and to highlight some of the key underlying techniques, such as actions on R-trees and the construct of spaces such as outer space and the curve complex.

Grading. Your grade will primarily determined by effort (which includes attendance and participation). Assignments given and collected will be commented on, but the only aspect which effects your grade is whether you did the assignment and how much effort you put into it. The purpose here is to have the grading recede into the background so that you can concentrate on learning the material and enjoying the mathematics.

ADA. Students with disabilities can get assistance from the Disabled Students Program Office (893-2668). I'm happy to work with them and with you.

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