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Syllabus for Math 111B

PDF Version: A PDF version of this syllabus is available here

Instructor. Jon McCammond
Office hours. T 12:00-3:00 and by appointment in South Hall 6711
Phone number. 893-2060 (no answering machine)
E-mail. jon.mccammond@math.ucsb.edu
My Home Page. http://www.math.ucsb.edu/~jon.mccammond/
Course Home Page. http://www.math.ucsb.edu/~jon.mccammond/courses/winter07/111B/

Contemporary Abstract Algebra by Joseph Gallian (6th ed.) Houghton Mifflin (Required).

Description. Math 111B is the second quarter of the year-long abstract algebra sequence. It is an introduction to algebraic structures with an emphasis on rings.

Grading. The plan is to cover (approximately) Chapters 12-18 of Gallian. Extensive homework assignments will be given. Your grade will be determined by homework scores (including class participation and possibly some quizzes), one exam and a final exam. The exam will test the material covered during the first five weeks of the course; the final will test the second five weeks. The weights (and approximate dates) of each of these are as follows.

  Homework/Etc.  Midterm     Final    Participation
                (Feb 13)    (Mar 21)   
    30%            30%        30%         10%

Make-ups: Make-ups for exams will only be given with documented University-approved excuses (see University Regulations).

ADA. Students with disabilities can get assistance from the Disabled Students Program Office (893-2668). I'm happy to work with them and with you.

Copyright Information. Please note that all written and web materials for this course have an implied copyright. In particular, you can xerox (or download) for your own use, but you may not reproduce them for others.

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