Jordan E. Fisher

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Curriculum Vitae

I am a graduate student in applied mathematics, finishing my final year. I am working under the supervision of Professor H. D. Ceniceros.


My research interests include flow-structure interaction, bio-fluid dynamics, numerical methods and the Immersed Boundary Method.

My recent work has focused on investigating novel methods to eliminate stiffness in the Immersed Boundary Method at a minimal computational cost. The new methods I have developed have opened the potential for applications previously outside the reach of modern hardware. More about my research can be found here.

In addition to the Immersed Boundary Method, I'm also interested in reducing computational costs of numerical simulations in general, especially through novel uses of Multigrids, Treecodes, and Fast Multipole Methods.



Outside of math I enjoy vagabonding about foreign countries, cooking delicious briskets, and climbing big rocks. Math research is a direct antagonist to time spent climbing. Luckily, no matter how out of shape I get, I can still repel like a champion.

I also program video games when I have a spare minute. Behold!