Math. 124A
Summer 2011


Dr Denis Labutin
Phone:  (805) 893 3066
Office:   SH6715 

Office hours:   Office hours are MTWR 12:30-1:30 (immediately after the lecture)
                        you can also ask, call, or
                        e-mail for an appointment.                     
                        labutin (at)  

Lectures:    MTWR  11:00-12:20, NH1109

Syllabus (will be regularly updated)

Textbook: W.A.Strauss, PDEs. An Introduction.

Viktor Grigoryan's UCSB notes   

Grading scheme
HW 30%
Exam1 40%
Exam2 30%

Important dates (TBA)

HW is due Thursdays at the start of the lecture. Max for each HW is 12 pts.
I will take 2 points off for papers turned in later that day.

The 1st lecture test.

Solutions to the 1st lecture test.

Exam I  Due on Monday,  July 11 before the lecture.

Exam II Due on Monday, July 25 before the lecture.

HW1 (problem set 1)  due on week 1, Thursday

HW2 (Problem set 2)

HW3 (Problem set 3)

HW4 (Problem set 4)  problem 3 is not part of the HW4, ignore it.

HW5 (Problem set 5)
this is the last hw

Solutions 1

Solutions 2

Solutions 3
Solutions 4

Solutions 5