UCSB Math Circle

University of California, Santa Barbara

There is no required fee to attend the UCSB Math Circle.  The professors and graduate students running the seminars are donating their time. We would appreciate though that each family brings snacks for all the students in the Math circle once a quarter.

A tax-deductible donation is welcome to cover materials, possible field trips, and so forth. The recommended amount is $50/quarter but either more or less is appreciated.

Donate by check:

  1. Make the check payable to UC Regents
  2. Be sure to write "Math Circle - donation" on the memo line.
  3. Bring your check to any Math Circle meeting or mail your check to:

                   Lynn Clark
                   University of California
                   Mathematics Department
                   South Hall, 6607
                   Santa Barbara, CA 93106

DONATIONS 2010-2011

Many thanks for your generous support!

MONETARY DONATIONS                                 SNACKS
The Deacon family                                         Charlene Duan
The Duan family                                             Hui-Min Chen
The Russo family                                            Helen Teng
The Dunne family                                           Ann Shott
The Putinar family                                          Janet Deacon  
The Huang family                                           Joan Dunne
The Ho family                                                  Qing Yu
The Russo family                                            Mihai Putinar
The Su family                                                  Chris Grant
The Tsai family                                               Mei Sheng Ng  
The Sumner family                                        Guofang Wei