UCSB Math Circle

University of California, Santa Barbara

Who can join the UCSB Math Circle?

All first-year high school students or junior-high school students are eligible for the program. The only other requirement is an interest in exploring new mathematical topics and solving challenging problems, as well as being committed to attend all math circle sessions.

Please let us know in advance if you have to miss a session, by emailing mbueno(at)math.ucsb.edu. You may be able to find handouts from the session you missed by following links on the schedule. Students who miss two or more sessions without notice will lose their spot in the math circle.

What does it cost to join the UCSB Math Circle?

There is no required fee to attend the UCSB Math Circle.  The professors and graduate students running the seminars are donating their time. We would appreciate though that each family brings snacks for all the students in the Math circle once a quarter.  A tax-deductible donation is welcome though to cover  materials, possible field trips, and so forth.

Can I join now?

We only have room for 20-25 students.  If we have available spots, you are welcome to join us. Otherwise, we will keep your personal information in a waiting list.  To get on the waiting list, fill out the online registration form. Once your registration is received, you should get an email confirmation within a week. Students on the waiting list will be contacted when a spot opens up.

When and where does the Math Circle meet?

Sessions are held on Wednesdays during the school year from 3:30-5:00 pm in Rooms 4219 and 1215 at the Education building. For more information on how to get to this room, look here.

Where is the best place to park?

Parking is available in the parking lots 29, 27  and 22 (map). The university charges a fee of 25 cents for every five minutes. If you want to avoid the parking fee, you can wait for your child inside your car when picking him/her up.

Can parents attend a math circle session?

Parents are welcome to sit in on a math circle session any time. However, since the space in the room is limited, we would appreciate if parents inform us in advance when they intend to stay so that we can plan accordingly.