What's the deal with 400 students?

In the Fall of 2006 the Mathematics Department began teaching its flagship calculus sequences (Math 3AB, 4AB, 6AB) in lectures so large that only two or three rooms on campus could hold them.* Sadly, the rooms are not particularly suitable for mathematics instruction.

Students get angry.   I tell students that I will post evaluations and I request that they therefore refrain from obscenity, but with large numbers of students forced to learn in math-hostile facilities, obscenities are inevitable. Should I post [Warning: obscenity-laced] rants anyway? Or filter obscenities out and then post only a biased sample of the more thoughtful criticisms? Rather than fret about the question, I just no longer post evaluations from courses so large that they need to be taught in this format. My teaching evaluations from such classes are mostly hostile, trust me (though a few are accurate).

* The background to the departmental decision is two-fold: improvements in computer aided instruction that allow automatic homework grading; and a long-term decline in permanent faculty.