UCSB Math Circle is back !!

Due to current circumstances, all spring quarter Math Circle meetings have been cancelled. To keep the math fun going, a problem set will be posted here weekly for students to work on.

Math Circle is a unique program that accessibly introduces abstract mathematics by exploring its beauty while also developing and improving commonly used mathematical skills and problem solving tactics. The program consists of monthly sessions lead by UCSB undergraduates and either local or visiting faculty. Each session consists of a group activity that examines a piece of a given mathematical field, striving to give opportunity for exploration of abstract thinking rather than math that is solely calculation based. Together, the students work on understanding and solving these problems and work through the challenges that come with these concepts in unity. Our goal is to give the young women of Santa Barbara an opportunity to meet like - minded individuals who also share their love of math, and to build a community that will give them the role models and support they need to pursue mathematics in the future.

The UCSB Math Circle was founded on October, 2009. This year only female-identified middle school students are eligible to participate.

The program is free. We only request each family to donate snacks for all the participants once a quarter. Donations to support our Math Circle are also welcome. The professors and graduate students leading the seminars will donate their time.

The UCSB Math Circle is generously supported by the Gervitz School of Education at UCSB, Dr. Daryl Cooper, the Santa Barbara GATE program, and professors and graduate students in the Department of Mathematics at UCSB who donate their time.