Math 34B - Calculus for Social and Life Sciences - Winter 2008 - (Section 2)

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Instructor: Alex Dugas my homepage
Office: 6510 South Hall
Office Hours:  W 1:00 - 2:00, F 10:00 – 12:00, or by appointment

Prerequisites: Math 34A or 3A (with a grade of C or better) or AP credit.

Text: Daryl Cooper Calculus and Mathematical Reasoning for Social and Life Sciences.  Kendall/Hunt.

Lecture: MWF  8:00 - 8:50 am in 1104 Harold Frank Hall.

Discussion Sections: You must sign up for a discussion section via GOLD.  The section times and locations for this course are as follows.  As multiple sections are at the same times, please make sure that your enroll code (EC) matches the section you are attending.

The TA's for this course and their office hours are
    Garrrett Johnson:  Office hours: F 12 - 1 ( SH 6432L), and F 3-5 (MathLab)

    Charles Martin:  Office hours: W 2 - 3 (SH 6432G), and R 1-2, F 2-3 (MathLab)





Course Timetable (subject to change)




 Homework Due

M 1/7

Review of Derivatives.


Tuesday 1/15

W 1/9

Introduction to Integrals.  Signed Area.

Ch. 9.1

 F 1/11
 Definite Integrals.  Fundamental Theorem
 of Calculus.  Antiderivatives.
 Ch. 9.2
M 1/14
Indefinite Integrals.  Fundamental Theorem
of Calculus.
 Ch. 9.3

  Monday 1/21
   10:00 pm
W 1/16
Riemann Sums.  Average Value of a Function.
Ch. 9.4, 9.5
F 1/18
Definite Integrals.  Examples.
Ch. 9.6
M 1/21
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday: No Class!

 W 1/23
 Trigonometry Review.  Sine, Cosine.  Radians.
 Ch. 12.1

   Sunday 1/27
       10:00 pm
 F 1/25
 Sine Waves.  Derivatives and Integrals of Trig Functions.
 M 1/28
 Product Rule
 Ch. 12.2

   Sunday 2/3
        10:00 pm

 W 1/30
 Relative Extrema.  Second Derivative Test.
 Ch. 12.3
 F 2/1
  Linear Approximations.  Tangent Lines.  Power Series.
 Ch. 12.6
 M 2/4

 W 2/6

 F 2/8   Midterm Exam.

 M 2/11
  Differential Equations.  Intro and Examples.
 Ch. 13.1-2

   Monday 2/18
     10:00 pm

 W 2/13
  Growth/Decay Equation.  Long Term Behavior.
 Ch. 13.3-4
  F 2/15
  Slope Fields.  Graphing Solutions.
 Ch. 13.5
 M 2/18
  President's day  Holiday: No Class!

  Sunday 2/24
    10:00 pm

 W 2/20
  Isoclines.  Autonomous Equations.   Ch. 13.6
 F 2/22
  Exponential Growth and Decay.  Ch. 13.7
 M 2/25
  Logistic Equation.  Ch. 13.8

   Sunday 3/2
     10:00 pm

 W 2/27
  Numerical Solutions.  Euler's Method.
 Ch. 13.9
 F 2/29
  Euler's Method (cont.)

 M 3/3
  Functions of several variables.  Partial Derivatives.
 Ch. 15 intro

   Sunday 3/9
      10:00 pm

 W 3/5
  The Graph of z=f(x,y).  Planes and eqautions of the form z = b +mx + ny.
 Ch. 15.1-2
 F 3/7
  Tangent Planes to Surfaces.  Relative Extrema of functions of 2 variables.
 Ch. 15.2
 M 3/10
  Relative Extrema (cont.)
 Ch. 15.4
   Friday 3/14
    10:00 pm

 W 3/12
  Tangent Plane approximations.
 Ch. 15.3
 F 3/14

 Tu 3/18
  Alternate Final Exam - 4 - 7 pm (Full)

Sat 3/22

  Final Exam – 8:00 – 11:00 am


Course Information (Syllabus)

Homework:  Homework exercises will be assigned every week to be completed online using WebWork.  Your username is your Perm number, and your password is also your Perm number, until you change it.  Typically, the assigments will be posted each Monday and will be due the following Sunday at 10:00 pm, although you may submit your answers at any time before then.  However, the due dates may vary, and you should always check the due date listed on WebWork, or in the above table.  Homeworks completed after the due date will be scored, but not counted, and your lowest homework score will be automatically dropped.  Please direct any questions you may have regarding the use of WebWork to your TA.  Each assignment also includes some reading in the text (see the table above).  It is vital that you do this reading in addition to the problems:  it will not only help you solve the homework problems correctly, but it may contain helpful information that was not covered in lecture.


Quizzes:  There will be a total of 6 short quizzes during your discussion sections.  The problems will be very similar to homework questions.  You are not allowed to use any books, notes, calculators, etc.  There are no make-up quizzes, but your lowest score will be dropped.


Exams: There will be one in-class midterm exam on Friday February 8 from 8:00 to 8:50 am.  Please arrive promptly.  The final exam will be  Saturday March 22, 8:00 - 11:00 am.  The problems on the exams will closely resemble those on the homeworks.  No books or calculators, etc. are allowed, but you may bring one 3" x 5" note card, containing hand-written notes.  No make-up exams will be given, except in extraordinary circumstances.  If you have a serious conflict with any of these exams or miss one for any reason, it is your responsibility to notify me immediately so that other arrangements may be made.

  Grades will be computed from your scores on homeworks, quizzes and exams as follows: Homework = 20%, Quizzes = 15%, Midterm = 25%, Final = 40%.  No official letter grades will be assigned until the end of the semester, and the exact grading scale will depend on the difficulty of the exams.  However, a 90% or above will guarantee you at least an A, an 80% will be at least a B, and 70% will be at least a C.