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  1. Signatures of surfaces with applications to knot and link cobordism 1982 Warwick Thesis on MSRI website

  2. The universal abelian cover of a link

  3. Triangulating 3-manifolds using 5 vertex link types With W. P. Thurston

  4. On the shape of cantor sets With T. Pignataro

  5. Automorphisms of free groups have finitely generated fixed point sets

  6. A wild cantor set as the limit set of a conformal group action on S3 With M. Bestvina

  7. A characterization of co-compact Hyperbolic and finite volume hyperbolic groups in dimension three With J. W. Cannon

  8. Notes on Word Hyperbolic Groups With Alonzo, Brady, Delzant, Ferlini, Lustig, Mihalik, Shapiro, Short

  9. An undetected slope in a knot manifold With D. D. Long

  10. Representing Knot Groups into SL2,C With D.D. Long

  11. Derivative varieties and the pure braid group With D. D. Long

  12. Roots of unity and the Character variety of a knot complement With D. D. Long

  13. Bundles and finite foliations With D. D. Long and A. W. Reid

  14. Plane Curves associated to character varieties of 3-manifolds With M. Culler, H. Gillett, D.D. Long, P.B. Shalen

  15. Quasi isometries of hyperbolic space are almost isometries

  16. A Kleinian group with contractible quotient not Euclidean Space With D.D. Long

  17. Cyclic Quotients of Knot like Groups

  18. Combinatorial scalar curvature and rigidity of ball packings With Igor Rivin

  19. Remarks on the A-polynomial of a knot With D. D. Long

  20. Finite foliations and similarity interval exchange maps With D.D. Long and A.W. Reid

  21. A polynomial has ones in the corner With D. D. Long

  22. A Presentation for the image of Burau 4 tensor Z2 With D.D. Long

  23. Essential closed surfaces in bounded 3-manifolds With D. D. Long and A. W. Reid

  24. Foliations of some 3-manifolds which fiber over the circle With D. D. Long

  25. A rigidity theorem for the solvable Baumslag-Solitar groups. With an appendix by Daryl Cooper. With B. Farb and L. Mosher

  26. Representation Theory and the A-polynomial of a knot With D. D. Long

  27. Infinite Coxeter groups are virtually indicable With D. D. Long and A. W. Reid

  28. Trimming. With D.D. Long

  29. Mutations of Links in Genus 2 Handlebodies. With W.B.R. Lickorish

  30. On the Burau representation modulo a small prime. With D.D. Long

  31. The Volume of a closed hyperbolic 3-manifold is bounded by pi times the length of any presentation of its fundamental group.

  32. Free actions of finite groups on rational homology 3-spheres. With D.D. Long

  33. Dehn Surgery and Negatively Curved 3-Manifolds. With Marc Lackenby

  34. The structure of a solvmanifold's Heegaard splittings. With Marty Scharlemann

  35. Virtually Haken Dehn-filling. With D.D. Long

  36. Immersed, Virtually-Embedded, Boundary Slopes. With M. Baker

  37. Three dimensional Orbifolds and Cone Manifolds. Memoirs of the Mathematical Society of Japan, With S.P. Kerckhoff and C.D. Hodgson

  38. On the Topology of the Character Variety of a Free Group. With S. Bratholdt

  39. Some Surface Subgroups Survive Surgery. With D.D. Long

  40. On three-manifolds with bounded geometry. With M. Boileau

  41. Large embedded balls and Heegaard genus in negative curvature. With D. Bachman and M.E. White

  42. Virtually Haken fillings and semi-bundles With G. Walsh

  43. Three-manifolds, virtual homology, and group determinants With G. Walsh

  44. Computing Varieties of Representations of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds into SL(4,R) With D.D. Long and M. Thistlethwaite

  45. A Combination Theorem for Convex Hyperbolic Manifolds, with Applications to Surfaces in 3-Manifolds With M. Baker

  46. Non compact Euclidean cone 3-manifolds With cone angles less than 2pi With J. Porti

  47. Flexing closed hyperbolic manifolds. With D.D. Long and M. Thistlethwaite

  48. On the virtual Betti numbers of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds. With D.D. Long and A. Reid

  49. Topology around the Poincaré conjecture.

  50. The Thurston norm via normal surfaces. With S. Tillmann

  51. Constructing Non-Congruence Subgroups of Flexible Hyperbolic 3-Manifold Groups. With With D. D. Long, AND M. Thistlethwaite

  52. The marked length spectrum of a projective manifold or orbifold. With K. Delp

  53. The length of unknotting tunnels With M. Lackenby and J.S. Purcell

  54. Dehn filling and the geometry of unknotting tunnels With D. Futer and J. S. Purcell

  55. On Convex Projective Manifolds and Cusps With D.D. Long and S. Tillmann

  56. A 3-Manifold with no Real Projective Structure With W. Goldman

  57. Complexity functions on 1-dimensional cohomology With S. Tillmann

  58. A generalization of the Epstein-Penner construction to projective manifolds. With D.D. Long

  59. Non-faithful representations of surface groups into SL(2,C) which kill no simple closed curve. With J.Manning

  60. Conservative Subgroup Separability For Surfaces With Boundary With M. Baker

  61. Finite-volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds contain immersed quasi-Fuchsian surfaces. With M. Baker


B1 Degenerations of representations and Thin Triangles

C1 Deforming Convex projective Manifolds With D.D. Long and S. Tillmann

C2 The area of convex projective surfaces and Fock-Goncharov coordinates With I. Adeboye

C3 Limits of Geometries With J. Danciger and A. Weinhard

C4 The Heisenberg Group acts on a strictly convex domain

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