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Electronic Submission to D. D. Long

Papers with primary subject in the area of

  • low-dimensional topology,
  • knot theory, or
  • hyperbolic geometry and Kleinian groups
    may be submitted to D. D. Long for consideration of publication in the Topology and Its Applications.

    Papers on other subjects should be sent to one of the chief editors or managing editors whose area of expertise most closely matches the research topic of the paper. See the Brief instruction to authors for more details. To make an electronic submission, simply send a pdf or postscript file of your paper as an email attachment to me at long@math.ucsb.edu.

    Alternatively, you may go to the journal's homepage and submit it online.

    You will be sent an acknowledgement via e-mail once we have confirmed your file is printable. If the file is not printable, you may have to submit the paper via regular postal mail.