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University of California

Santa Barbara Summer Conference in Geometry 

Santa Barbara  July 21-24, 1999 

The main goals of the conference are twofold: first, bringing together the leading experts, to survey the recent remarkable progress in geometry and topology, to report the current developments, and to point to new directions of research; seocnd, further stimulating the fruitful interactions between mathematics and physics. For these purposes, the conference is coordinated with the three-week program "Workshop on Geometry and Physics" from July 26 to August 13, in the Institute of Theoretic Physics, UCSB. To help defray the cost of attending the conference, funding from NSF and UCSB is available for participants, with priorities given to graduate students and young mathematicians without research grants

Invited Speakers are (the ones without * are confirmed) 
Jean-Michel Bismut - Universite Paris-Sud 
Ralph Cohen - Stanford University 
Yakov Eliashberg - Stanford University 
Kenji Fukaya - Kyoto University
Jun Li - Stanford University 
Kefeng Liu - Stanford University 
Dusa McDuff - State University of New York, Stony Brook 
David Morrison - Duke University 
Duong Phong - Columbia University 
Graeme Segal - University of Cambridge 
Ronald Stern - UCI 
Clifford Taubes - Harvard University 

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Advisory Committee: R. Bott, I. Singer, E. Witten and S. T. Yau.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the organizers.

Organizing Committee

Xianzhe Dai
Yuhan Lim
Kefeng Liu
Doug Moore
Guofang Wei
Rugang Ye