Mathematics 3C, Winter 2003

Professor: Michael Crandall

Office, etc.: 6716 South Hall, 893-2065,

Office Hours: Monday, March 10 in 3505 PHELPS: 4:15. I will stay as long as there are people wanting help and leave at 5:30 if no one is there at that time. Before 5pm, people with the 5pm section will have priority. Thurs 12:55-1:50. (Monday start times can vary a bit, check back).

Texts: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, by Farlow, Hall, McDill and West, Prentice Hall, 2002, AND Math 3C Reader, by J. Stopple

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Midterm: Tuesday, February 11

Discussion of midterm scores

Webwork Scores

Final: Monday March 17, 7:30 pm, 1920 Buchanon.

Practice for the final

Course Administration

The course grade will be determined from Problem Sets (10%), the Quizzes plus the Midterm (35%) and the Final (55%), where the percentages are approximate. In addition, performance on the final significantly stronger than the overall performance can result in a higher grade than that indicated by the overall score.

Problems can be assigned at any time and will usually be due Thursdays in class - however, people making use of Thursday's office hours can turn them in shortly thereafter to my mailbox. We only have the resources to grade a small number of selected problems. Related to this is that you are only asked to turn in some of the assigned problems. However, it is important for you to do the problems which you are not asked to turn as well, and to emphasize this they can appear on quizzes and exams copied verbatim from the text. When turning in your problem set, DO write neatly on one side only of 8.5 by 11 paper and staple the pages together at the upper left hand corner and DO NOT use paper ripped from a spiral binder. Put your name and the time of the section you are attending on the first page. If you don't follow these instructions, your work will not be graded. Late homeworks will not be accepted. This is all about enabling the reader to give us the most help possible in the time allotted. NEWS FLASH: 1/12/03: We have gone digital, homeworks after 1/16/03 will largely be graded on the web. Problem Sets

Quizzes may or may not be announced in advance and can be given at any time, in lecture or in section. Thus you will be well served to keep up with the material and attend class. You may miss one quiz without consequences to your grade. Quizzes can test whether or not you have done the reading as well as basic material already covered; their purpose is to motivate you to keep up. They will be simple, but that is no help if one knows nothing about the questions asked.

The midterm will take place Tuesday, February 11 The final will be comprehensive. If you miss a quiz or the midterm for one of the very few allowable causes, your grade will be based on the remaining work. If you miss a quiz or the midterm for other reasons, you grade on that test will be 0.

Reading Assignments are to be completed in advance of the lecture on the same material. The Department's official syllabus runs like this: the first part of the Math 3C reader, Sections 1.1 thru 1.4 of the text, Sections 2.1 thru 2.5 of the text, the second part of the Math 3C reader. We may also discuss a couple of other topics.

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Attendance at section meetings will be noted. Poor attendance will result in the loss of 1/3 of a grade point in decisions near breakpoints.

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Other Sites

Here is an interesting site I bumped into by Eric Schechter at Vanderbilt: Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics. In the following subpart he explains very well some of the defects of the "indefinite integral" notation; this is what got my attention, it is related to our discussion of integration and the Fundamental Theorem in the Additional Notes, where I avoided the "indefinite integral" like the plague: Misuse of constants of integration. Other interesting things are available on his main page: Home page of E. Schechter .

If you know a site that you'd like to share, let me know. If it is suitable, we'll post it here.