Michael Dougherty

Discrete Geometry & Combinatorics Seminar: Fall 2013

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Difference Sets, Projective Geometry, and Symmetric Designs

Michael Dougherty | October 2

Cluster Algebras, Triangulations, and Directed Graphs

Ben Coté | October 9

Growth and Nonamenability in Product Replacement Graphs

Anton Malyshev (UCLA) | October 16

Combinatorial Games and the Construction of Surreal Numbers

Kyle Chapman | October 23

Quasirandom Graphs

Paddy Bartlett | October 30

Equidistant Points and Equiangular Lines

Jon McCammond | November 6

Voronoi Diagrams and Fortune's Method

Josh Pankau | November 20

Real and Complex Reflection Groups

Ben Coté | December 4