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David R. Morrison

   Departments of Mathematics and Physics             +1-805-893-8309
   University of California                         drm@math.ucsb.edu
   Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA                   drm@physics.ucsb.edu


   Born 29 July 1955, Oakland, California.  
   U.S. citizen.


   A.B.  summa cum laude, Princeton University, 1976.
   A.M.  (mathematics), Harvard University, 1977.
   Ph.D. (mathematics), Harvard University, 1980.
      Dissertation advisor: Phillip A. Griffiths

Profesional Experience / Employment History

   Instructor in Mathematics, Princeton University, 1980-82
   Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University, 1982-86
      Kyoto University Guest Scholar, 1984-85
   Associate Professor of Mathematics, Duke University, 1986-92
      Visiting Associate Professor, Columbia University, Spring 1987
   Professor of Mathematics, Duke University, 1992-97
      Member, Institute for Advanced Study, 1992-93 and Fall 1993
      Visiting Professor, Cornell University, Spring 1995
      Member, Institute for Advanced Study, 1996-97
   James B. Duke Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Duke University, 1997-2007
      Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Spring 2000
      Mathematics Department Chair, 2002-04
      Member, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Fall 2005
      Member, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Spring 2006
   Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2006-present
      Visiting Researcher, Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, Fall 2010
      Mathematics Department Chair, 2011-15
      Visiting Researcher, Institut Henri Poincaré, Spring 2016

Awards, Honors, and Prizes

   Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Scholarship, 1973-76
   Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, 1976
   National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1977-80
   National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1982-84
   Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship, 1984-85
   American Mathematical Society Centennial Fellowship, 1992-94
   Clay Mathematics Institute Senior Scholar, 2005
   John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, 2005-06
   Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Research Professorship, 2006
   Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, 2013
   Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2014
   Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2015

Publications (listed separately)

   Mathematics Articles
   Physics Articles

Editorial Boards

   Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 1997-present
   Clay Mathematics Institute Monograph Series, 2007-15
   Communications in Mathematical Physics, 2002-03
   IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute Publication Series, 2001-04
   Letters in Mathematical Physics, 2009-present
   New York Journal of Mathematics, 1997-2007

Ph.D. Theses Supervised

   Antonella Grassi, Minimal Models of Elliptic Threefolds, Duke University
      (Mathematics), May 1990.
   Dong-Kwan Shin, Pluricanonical Maps of Threefolds of General Type, Duke 
      University (Mathematics), May 1990.
   Qi Zhang, Adjunction for Vector Bundles, Characterizations of Uniruled
      Varieties, and Small Contraction Mappings, Duke University (Mathematics), 
      September 1990. 
   Yun-Gang Ye, Relative Brill-Noether Theory and an Infinitesimal Version
      of the Harris-Mumford Problem, Duke University (Mathematics), May 1991. 
   Christopher Scott Peterson, Applications of Liaison Theory to Schemes
      Supported on Lines, Growth of the Deficiency Module, and Low Rank
      Vector Bundles, Duke University (Mathematics), May 1994 (co-supervisor, 
      with Juan Migliore).
   Yiannis Vlassopoulos, Quantum Cohomology and the Loop Space, Duke 
      University (Mathematics), December 1998.
   Richard Paul Horja, Hypergeometric Functions and Mirror Symmetry in Toric 
      Varieties, Duke University (Mathematics), December 1999.
   Carina Curto, Matrix Model Superpotentials and Calabi-Yau Spaces: an A-D-E 
      Classification, Duke University (Mathematics), May 2005.
   Charlie Ronald Beil, The Geometry of Noncommutative Singularity Resolutions, 
      UCSB (Mathematics), June 2010.
   Jarrod L. Pickens, Geometric Flows on Manifolds with Circle Action, UCSB 
      (Mathematics), September 2010.
   Richard Eager, Equivalence of A-Maximization and Volume Minimization, UCSB 
      (Physics), June 2011.
   Tomás Kabbabe, In Search of Exceptional Collections, UCSB (Mathematics), 
      December 2012.
   Stepan Sebouh Paul, Gathering Data on Pn: Based Linear Systems and Veronese 
      Embeddings, UCSB (Mathematics), June 2013.
   James Kenneth Sully, Approaches to Emergent Spacetime in Gauge/Gravity Duality, 
      UCSB (Physics), September 2013, (co-supervisor, with Joe Polchinski).
   Peter R. Merkx, Global Symmetries of Six Dimensional Superconformal Field 
      Theories, UCSB (Mathematics), September 2017.
   David Wen, On Minimal and Canonical Models of Elliptic Fourfold with Section, 
      UCSB (Mathematics), June 2018.

Last update: 22 May 2018