The Seminar

The goal of the Hypatian Seminar is to explore the contributions of underrepresented groups to the field of mathematics and to provide a forum to discuss the additional challenges they face in academia. If you are interested in speaking or have a suggestion for a discussion topic, please contact Sheri Tamagawa, Massy Khoshbin, or Michael Dougherty.

The seminar meets weekly on Mondays at 3:30-4:30 pm in South Hall 6635 unless otherwise noted.


Spring 2018 Schedule

April 2nd

An Overview of UCSB's Computational Resources

Kyle Mylonakis, UCSB

In this talk I will give an overview of what campus owned computational resources are available to us as graduate students and basic instructions on how to use them to run Mathematica, Matlab, C++, and python code on the campus clusters. This talk is intended for beginners.

Windows users special instructions: I will be giving the talk assuming that we are using a Unix/Linux terminal. In particular we will need to use the SSH utility, which is not present in Windows by default. There are several third party options to gain this functionality, and I recommend downloading PuTTY.

April 9th

Seifert Surfaces

Jennifer Schultens, UC Davis

We will construct Seifert surfaces for knots. We will also see that some knots admit infinitely many distinct Seifert surfaces of the same genus and figure out how to record them.

May 14th

Graphs and Surfaces

Abigail Thompson, UC Davis

This will be an expository talk. The Cycle Double Cover conjecture asserts that a bridgeless trivalent graph admits a particularly nice kind of imbedding on a closed surface.

I’ll discuss what this means, give some examples, and mention some interesting subproblems.


Winter 2018 Schedule

January 9th

Informal Chat with Carolyn Abbott

Carolyn Abbott, UC Berkeley

Join us for an informal conversation with Carolyn Abbott, Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor at Berkeley, to learn more about her career path and outreach work.

We will meet by the elevators at 3:30pm and go to the Coral Cafe for coffee. (Feel free to meet us directly at the Coral Cafe.)

February 12th

Mentor/Mentee Meet-Up

Feel free to stop by to talk about how your quarter is going, ask any questions you might have, and eat some baked goods.

February 26th

Writing Recommendations Panel

As grad students, many of us will be asked to write recommendations for students for the first time. This will be a great opportunity to learn about what to do!

Professors Maribel Bueno Cachadina and Karel Casteels, and grad students Wade Bloomquist and Michael Dougherty will be serving on the panel.

March 5th

Qualifying Exams Panel

Are you worried about the looming threat of qualifying exams? Have you been hoping to hear some helpful wisdom from older graduate students? Then you should attend the annual Hypatian seminar qualifying exams panel.

Rumor has it that there might even be some baked goods.

March 12th

Let's play a Sudoku-like puzzle derived from a knot representation!

Ayaka Shimizu, National Institute of Technology, Gunma College

Knots are represented in various ways; knot diagrams, Gauss codes, braid representations and so on. In this talk we represent knots by matrices using warping degrees. As an application, we play a Sudoku-like puzzle whose solution is an alternating knot.


Fall 2017 Schedule

October 18th

Informal Chat with Lindsay Crowl Erickson

Join us for an informal conversation with Lindsay to learn more about her career path and her research career outside of academia.

We will meet by the main elevators at 3PM and go to the Coral Cafe for coffee. (Feel free to meet us directly at the Coral Cafe.)

October 26th

Informal Chat with Franca Hoffmann

Join us for an informal conversation with Franca to learn more about her outreach work in Africa and her experience starting a “applied math hotline” for researchers in the applied sciences at Cambridge.

We will meet in SH 6635 at 3:30pm and go to the Coral Cafe for coffee. (Feel free to meet us directly at the Coral Cafe.)

October 30th

Mentor/Mentee Meet Up