The Seminar

The goal of the Hypatian Seminar is to explore the contributions of underrepresented groups to the field of mathematics and to provide a forum to discuss the additional challenges they face in academia. If you are interested in speaking or have a suggestion for a discussion topic, please contact Sheri Tamagawa.

The seminar meets weekly on Mondays at 3:30-4:30 pm in South Hall 6635 unless otherwise noted.


Fall 2018 Schedule

October 1st

Organizational Meeting

Join us to plan our seminars for the year.

October 8th

Mentor/Mentee Meet-up

In this Monday's Hypatian Seminar, we'll be having our first meeting for our first years and their mentors. All are welcome to come, whether or not you're officially signed up to be a mentor or mentee!

October 22nd

Choosing an Advisor Panel

Whether you are already seriously embarking on this task, or are putting this off to the (near!) future, come hear from your fellow graduate students about their experiences and the wisdom they have gained.

Grad students Nancy, David, Vijay, Gordon, and Nadir will serve on the panel, organized by Carmen.

November 19th

Hypatia of Alexandria: Modern Woman of Antiquity

Sam Sehayek, UCSB

The death of Hypatia in 415 CE marked the conclusion of a long tradition of Greek mathematics and intellectual life that centered around Alexandria in Egypt. She is mostly remembered for two reasons: she was the first known prominent female mathematician; and she was tragically murdered by Christian zealots. In this talk, we will detail some of the political intrigue and conflicts over religion and philosophy that led to her death, but most of our focus will be on Hypatia's contributions to the field of math and her legacy in the history of mathematics. Not much direct work of Hypatia survives, if any, but through accounts from her students and analysis of ancient texts, some conclusions can be made (and debated) of who she was and what she accomplished. Not up for debate is that Hypatia of Alexandria was a gifted and outspoken educator, and in many ways she embodied the traits of trailblazing women into the modern age.

December 3rd

Panel: Solving a 2-Body Problem