Michael Yoshizawa
Graduate Student
University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Mathematics

Contents: Online Math Lab
Stepan Paul and I are developers of the Online Math Lab. This website provides helpful online links to UCSB undergraduates who are seeking extra help in their math studies. The links are chosen to fit the specific curricula of each lower division math class. We are also working to have links added to Webwork assignments so students can easily link to the relevant sections of the Online Math Lab while doing their homework.

The Online Math Lab currently has pages for 34A, 34B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 6A, and 6B.

Funding for the development of the Online Math Lab was made possible by an Instructional Improvement Grant from the UCSB office of Instructional Development.

Teaching Associate:
Math 34A - Fall 2009
Math 34A - Summer 2010 (Session A)

Teaching Assistant:
Math 34A (Malmendier) - Fall 2007
Math 34A (Yakimov) - Winter 2008
Math 34B (Joo) - Spring 2008
Math 34B (Ramirez-Ramos) - Summer 2008 (Session A)
Math 3C (Jacob, Adeboye) - Fall 2008
Math 34A (Malmendier) - Winter 2009
Math 5A (Pahlajani) - Spring 2009
Math 8 (Shu) - Winter 2010
Math 3C (Ottman) - Fall 2010
Math 5B (Sulway) - Winter 2010
Math 3B (Ackermann) - Summer 2011 (Session B)
Math 3B (Ceniceros) - Fall 2011
Math 8 (Gerstein) - Winter 2012
Math 34A (Cooper) - Fall 2012
Math 3C (Casteels) - Fall 2012