University of California

Santa Barbara Summer Conference in Geometry

Santa Barbara July 21-24, 1999


The ITP is in Kohn Hall, located directly across from the main entrance of the UCSB campus in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

Directions to the ITP at UCSB:

  • From Los Angeles International Airport:

We recommend the Santa Barbara Airbus, particularly if you must return to LAX for your departing flight. The Airbus is reliable, and offers a reasonable round-trip fare of approximately $58 (prepaid). The nearest Airbus drop-off point to the UCSB campus is 5755 Thornwood Drive, in Goleta; so once you arrive, you'll need to call a cab, or the hotel shuttle (if available) for delivery to your local destination. If you are staying at the residence hall, you may call the residence hall telephone number for a shuttle pick-up (see your general participant information sheet for the telephone number).

If you are driving from LAX, exit the airport lot at Sepulveda Blvd., and follow Sepulveda Blvd. to the 405 North Freeway entrance. Follow 405 North to 101 North (Ventura Freeway). Remain on the 101 (for approximately one and a half hours) into Santa Barbara. Proceed through Santa Barbara and north for approximately 10 miles. Exit at the "UCSB/Ward Memorial" (Highway 217) offramp. Follow the signs onto campus. At the campus entrance, ask the kiosk attendant for directions to Kohn Hall (ITP).

  • From Santa Barbara Airport:

The most convenient way to get to UCSB from the S.B. airport is to call "Yellow Cab" at 965-5111. Cab fare should be about $10; if you use the cabs at the airport, the fare is around $20.

If you are renting a car at the airport, turn right as you exit the rental car lot, onto William Moffet Lane. Follow the signs onto campus. It is less than a five-minute drive. At the campus entrance, ask the kiosk attendant for directions to Kohn Hall (ITP).

If you are staying at The Best Western South Coast Inn, simply use the airport courtesy phone to call the Inn for pickup.

On Campus Parking

If you drive onto the campus you may park in designated lots only. The fee charged for parking is $5.00 per day. As you enter campus at the West or East Gate, ask the parking attendant in the kiosk for a parking pass and map of the designated lots.