Lecture Notes







University of California

AMS Special Session on Geometrical Analysis

Santa Barbara March 11-12, 2000

List of Speakers

Christine M Escher*- Oregon State University, Gregor Weingart - Bonn University
Orbits of SU(2) - representations and Minimal Isometric Immersions.

Christine M Guenther - Pacific University
A Proof of the Well Conjecture using Ricci Flow.

Ritva M Hurri-Syrjanen* - University of Helsinki, David E Edmunds -University of Sussex
Weighted inequalities of exponential type in irregular domains.

James A Isenberg*-University of Oregon, Eric W Hirschmann -Southampton College, Steven L Liebling-Southampton College
Critical Behavior in Wave Maps.

Megan M Kerr - Wellesley College
A Deformation of Noncompact Einstein Solvmanifolds.

Yuhan Lim - UC Santa Barbara
Non-Abelian Seiberg-Witten Invariants for 3-manifolds (Preliminary Report).

Rafe Mazzeo - Stanford University
Analysis on Stratified Spaces.

Daniel Pollack*-University of Washington, Jim Isenberg-University of Oregon, Rafe Mazzeo - Stanford University
A gluing construction for solutions of the Einstein constraint equations.

Yat Sun Poon*- UC Riverside, Gueo Grantcharov -UC Riverside, Henrik Pedersen- University of Southern Denmark
Complex and Hypercomplex Structures associated to Heisenberg groups.

Jie Qing* -UC Santa Cruz, Alice Chang-Princeton University, Paul Yang - University of Southern California and Princeton University
On locally conformally flat 4-manifolds.

Fred Wilhelm*-UC Riverside, Peter Petersen - UC Los Angeles
On Manifolds with Positive Curvature Almost Everywhere.

Siye Wu - UC Santa Barbara
Determinant of Dirac Operators and Global Anomalies.

Ilia H Zharkov - University of Pennsylvania.
Special Lagrangian Fibrations and Mirror Symmetry.

*: the presenter