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Here are a list of web resources that we hope you will find helpful. The sublinks point to areas of particular interest.

List of General Online Resources

Sample problems and exams, calculus applets and animations, and a comprehensive list of calculus resources on the web.

Paul's Notes
Thorough text-based lessons on algebra, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. Lots of examples. (sublinks)

  • Purplemath
    Text lessons largely focusing on algebra. This includes graphing, polynomials, lines, equations, exponents/logarithms, intro trig, and matrix operations. 34A students may find the section on solving word problems to be particularly useful.

    Aimed at a younger age group, but provides a number of useful visual aides in its explanations of pre-calculus topics including geometry and algebra. (sublinks)

  • One Mathematical Cat
    Text lessons and practice modules on algebra, geometry, pre-calculus (in progress), and calculus (in progress). (sublinks)

  • Applied Calculus 5e
    Online calculus textbook with interactive tutorials (best for those taking the 3 series). (sublinks)

  • Visual Calculus
    Employs java applets, flash, and other interactive applications to provide tutorials on pre-calculus, limits, derivatives, integration, sequences, and series. (sublinks)

  • WolframAlpha
    Do-it-all calculator / encyclopedia.

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    University Lectures

    UC Berkeley
    Lecture videos/audio (material available varies depending on class). (sublinks)

  • MIT Online Courses
    Lecture videos and course materials from MIT math classes (material available varies depending on class). Best for people in the 3 series or above. (sublinks)

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    Khan Academy
    Videos and practice problems covering topics from pre-algebra through linear algebra and differential equations. (sublinks)

  • PatrickJMT
    This site has a large number of videos spanning many mathematical topics (pre-algebra, algebra, trig, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and even some Math 8 material). If you are looking for an alternative video library to Khan Academy, this is a good place to check.

    Over 2,000 videos covering arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trig, calculus (single and multivariable), linear algebra, and differential equations. (sublinks)

  • YourMathGal
    Youtube videos on a variety of topics, including pre-algebra, geometry, trig, graphing, and sets. However, the most developed section (so far) is algebra. (sublinks)

  • Simply Math
    Youtube videos covering a range of classes, including pre-calculus, trig/geometry, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and Math 8 material.

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    Khan Academy: Brain Teasers
    Logic puzzles and brain teasers.

    Mathematical Moments
    Series of posters in PDF form depicting the role of mathematics in the real world.

    The Math and Magic of Origami
    TED talk (15:53) on how math and engineering, combined with origami, has yielded not only magnificent art but has real world applications.

    Vi Hart Videos
    Fun videos connecting math to music, doodles, and more. You can fine more content on her blog.

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