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Stochastic Immersed Boundary Method Implementation

For our more recent work on fluctuating hydrodynamics methods, please see package Mango-Selm.

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Please cite the following paper when reporting results using these codes:

A Stochastic Immersed Boundary Method for Fluid-Structure Dynamics at Microscopic Length Scales, Atzberger, P.J., Kramer, P.R., and Peskin, C.S., J. Comp. Phys., Vol. 224, Iss. 2, (2007).

title = "A stochastic immersed boundary method for fluid-structure dynamics at microscopic length scales",
author = "Paul J. Atzberger and Peter R. Kramer and Charles S. Peskin",
journal = "Journal of Computational Physics",
volume = "224",
number = "2",
pages = "1255 - 1292",
year = "2007",
issn = "0021-9991",
doi = "",

For our more recent work, see Mango-Selm.

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