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Quick Start

To install for Python use

>> pip install selm-lammps

To test the package installed run

>> python -c "from selm_lammps.tests import t1; t1.test()"

This includes pre-compiled binaries for (Debian 9+ / Ubuntu x86_64 and Centos 7+ / Python 3.6+).

Examples (clone github):

>> git clone

See the git-hub page for models and scripts at [link].

Examples: Jupyter notebooks, python scripts, and models can be found at github/mango-selm.

Other ways to install the package For running prototype models and simulations on a desktop, such as Windows and MacOS, we recommend using Docker container. For example, install Docker Desktop or docker for linux and then load a standard ubuntu container by using in the terminal "docker run -it ubuntu:20.04 /bin/bash". You then use "apt update; apt install python3-pip", and can then pip install and run the simulation package as above. Note use command "python3" in place of "python" when calling scripts.

The source package and additional binaries are available on the download page.

For more information on other ways to install or compile the package, please see the document page.

Git-Hub Page: github: mango-selm

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Download Mango-Selm Package

Additional videos are available on the Atzberger YouTube Channel.


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