Michael Dougherty

Research Interests

I work with my advisor, Jon McCammond, on geometric group theory and combinatorics. More specifically, my interests include the topology and geometry of Coxeter groups/Artin groups, noncrossing partitions, hyperplane arrangements, and configuration spaces.


  1. Undesired Parking Spaces and Contractible Pieces of the Noncrossing Partition Link (with J. McCammond), Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Vol 25, Issue 1. (2018)
  2. A Decomposition of Parking Functions by Undesired Spaces (with M. Bruce, M. Hlavacek, R. Kudo, and I. Nicolas), Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Vol 23, Issue 3. (2016)
  3. Hankel Transforms of Linear Combinations of Catalan Numbers (with C. French, W. Qian, and B. Saderholm) Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol 14, Article 11.5.1. (2011)