Mychelle Parker
UC Santa Barbara
South Hall 6431M


I am interested in studying number theory. My advisor is Francesc Castella.

Past Presentations/Talks

Research in Number Theory: Elliptic Curves and Related Groups , Association for Women in Mathematics (UCSB Chapter), UCSB, November 2022

Rubin's Thoerem , Preprint Seminar, UCSB, March 2022

Katz and Rankin p-adic L-functions , Preprint Seminar, UCSB, March 2022

Kobayashi's "Control Theorem" for Signed Selmer Groups , Student Learning Seminar on Iwasawa Theory for Elliptic Curves, UCSB, November 2021

Everything I Should Have Learned About CW Complexes, but Never Did , Graduate Topology Seminar, University of California - Santa Barbara, April 2021

Maximal Regular Semisimple Subalgebras of Simple Lie Algberas , Summer Research Poster Session, Utah State University, August 2018

Regular Subalgebras of Semisimple Lie Algebras , DGCAMP Student Daze, Utah State University, April 2018

Three Dimensional Subalgebras of Simple Lie Algebras , DG Rendezvous, Utah State University, November 2016

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