Mychelle Parker
UC Santa Barbara
South Hall 6431M


I am interested in studying number theory. My advisor is Francesc Castella.

Past Presentations/Talks

Intersections of Stratifications , Arizona Winter School, University of Arizona, February 2024, (joint presentation with Elvira Lupoian and Leo Mayer)

A p-converse Theorem in Weight Greater Than 2 , WiMSoCal, Pomona College, February 2024

The Million Dollar Problem: Number Theory and Elliptic Curves , Math Matters Series, Bakersfield College, February 2024

A Brief Introduction to Topology , DRP Universal Cover Workshops, UCSB, January 2024

Research in Number Theory: Elliptic Curves and Related Groups , Association for Women in Mathematics (UCSB Chapter), UCSB, November 2022

Rubin's Thoerem , Preprint Seminar, UCSB, March 2022

Katz and Rankin p-adic L-functions , Preprint Seminar, UCSB, March 2022

Kobayashi's "Control Theorem" for Signed Selmer Groups , Student Learning Seminar on Iwasawa Theory for Elliptic Curves, UCSB, November 2021

Everything I Should Have Learned About CW Complexes, but Never Did , Graduate Topology Seminar, University of California - Santa Barbara, April 2021

Maximal Regular Semisimple Subalgebras of Simple Lie Algberas , Summer Research Poster Session, Utah State University, August 2018

Regular Subalgebras of Semisimple Lie Algebras , DGCAMP Student Daze, Utah State University, April 2018

Three Dimensional Subalgebras of Simple Lie Algebras , DG Rendezvous, Utah State University, November 2016

Conferences Attended

Arisona Winter School (AWS) 2024, March 2nd - 6th
 - At the conference I was in Valentijn Karemaker's project group

Symposium for Women and Gender Minorities in Mathematics in Southern California (WiMSoCal) 2024, February 24th

Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (NCUWM) 2024, January 26th - 28th

Joint Math Meeting (JMM) 2024, January 2nd - 6th

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