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Sui Tang

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Santa Barbara
552 University Rd, Isla Vista, CA 93117

I am a tenure-track assistant professor at Department of Mathematics. Before joining UCSB, I was a member of Prof. Mauro Maggioni's research group and worked as assistant research professor at Johns Hopkins University. Here is my CV. I am interested in solving problems in the mathematical foundations of Data Science. My current research projects are motivated by the need to exploit dynamical data sets in complex physical systems to perform inference with provable performance and build generalizable and interpretable predictive models, where I used and developed techniques from Statistical/Machine Learning, Harmonic Analysis, Approximation Theory, and Probability. My research can be categorized to the following two areas:

I am spending part of Fall 2021 as a visiting scientist at Simons Institute for the Theory of computing, and will be participating in the program Geometric Methods in Optimization and Sampling". Here is my talk at Simons intsitute workshop about my recent work in stocastic systems of interacting particles.

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I am looking for highly self-motivated graduate students and senior undergraduate students to work on projects generally related to machine learning, dynamical system, signal processing, and data analysis. Please email me your CV (including projects you have done), transcript (if applicable) if you are interested.

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