Ashwin Trisal

UCSB Math PhD Student

Category Theory Learning Seminar

I'm currently running a category theory learning seminar together with Daniel Epelbaum.

Notes can be found at this link: Notes.


Date Topic Notes
6/29/2020 Intro
7/1/2020 Examples: Monomorphisms, Epimorphisms, Skeletalization 7/1/2020
7/6/2020 The Yoneda Lemma 7/6/2020
7/8/2020 Examples: Yoneda 7/8/2020
7/13/2020 Limits and Colimits
7/15/2020 Examples: Limits and Colimits
7/20/2020 Adjoint Functors 7/20/2020
7/22/2020 Examples: Adjoint Functors