Ashwin Trisal

UCSB Math PhD Student

Here are some write-ups.

Atoms of a Countably Generated Measure Space A proof by Daniel Epelbaum on irreducible measurable sets.
Convexity Primer A primer on convexity theory for functional analysis. Currently very unfinished. Coauthor is Micah Pedrick.
Semidirect Products Semidirect products from the perspective of splitting.
Yoneda for Banach-Enriched Categories Question: if C is a category for which Hom spaces are Banach spaces, does C admit an embedding into Ban, the category of Banach spaces with bounded linear maps? If C is a small category, the answer is yes. This is a proof.
Intro Category Theory Notes Notes for a Category Theory learning seminar in Summer 2020. Coauthor is Daniel Epelbaum. Currently a first draft.