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Mathematical interests

As with many mathematicians, I am actively interested in many areas of mathematics in addition to those in which I work. In particular, there are many mathematical topics where I would like to have a way to quickly click through to the webpages of the key people to see what they have been up to recently. Although the lists below are primarily for my own personal use (and are highly idiosyncratic), I see no reason why they should not be publically available.

(BTW I started these lists on 25 Sept 2006 so they'll be quite thin at first - possibly for quite a while.)

Geometric Group Theory

  • [Aut] Automorphism Groups: (outer) automorphisms of graphs, surfaces and n-tori
  • [Cox] Coxeter Groups: Coxeter and Artin groups, buildings, Garside structures, etc.

Other Areas of Interest

  • [EC] Enumerative Combinatorics: trees, permutations, generating functions, tableaux
  • [Ex] Exceptional Mathematics: octonions, Cayley plane, Moufang loops, etc.
  • [FSG] Finite Simple Groups: finite groups of Lie type, the sporadics, their finite geometries
  • [GA] Generalized Associahedra: noncrossing and nonnesting partitions, quivers, cluster algebras
  • [GC] Geometric Combinatorics: polytopes, posets, hyperplane arrangments, oriented matroids
  • [GL] Geometric Langlands Program: class field theory, Hecke stuff, eigensheaves
  • [LG] Lie Groups: Lie groups and (non) compact symmetric spaces
  • [NCG] Noncommutative Geometry: Alain Connes type stuff, C*-algebras, etc.
  • [NT] Number Theory: automorphic and modular forms, Ramanujan, L-series
  • [RM] Random Matrix Models: random matrix models, SLE curves

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