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Automorphism Groups

Links to information about (outer) automorphisms of elementary spaces such as graphs, surfaces and n-dimensional tori. The case of tori was studied first and involves a lot of classical mathematics: symmetric spaces, Bruhat-Tits buildings, linear algebraic groups, lattices in Lie groups. The second most developed is the case of surface. Here the key objects are the mapping class group of a surface, train tracks, measured laminations, Teichmueller space, the complex of curves, the arc complex, etc. The third case is that of free groups and it has a mix of properties from the other two.


ArXiv: GR:papers | GR:authors


Out/Aut Tori: Armand Borel ( Bio) | Francois Bruhat | Henri Cartan (Bio) | Jean Pierre Serre (Bio)| Jacques Tits
Out/Aut Surface: Joan Birman | Tara Brendle | Jeff Brock | Benson Farb | Ursula Hamenstadt | Chris Leininger | Dan Margalit | Howard Masur |
Yair Minsky | Lee Mosher | Luis Paris | Bill Thurston
Out/Aut Free: Mladen Bestvina | Martin Bridson | Mark Feighn | Michael Handel | Martin Lustig | Gilbert Levitt | Vincent Guiradel | Karen Vogtmann

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