Baldvin Einarsson

My CV can be found here: (1 page) or (longer), and here is my Research Statement.
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I defended my Ph.D. dissertation "An Interacting Particle Model and Dynamic Energy Budget Theory: Analysis and Applications" (PDF 16.4 MB) in April of 2011. My advisors were Professor Björn Birnir of UCSB and Professor Sven Sigurðsson of the University of Iceland. The third doctoral committee member was Professor Ragnar Sigurðsson at the University of Iceland.
The opponents of my Ph.D. defense were

Capelin (Mallotus villosus). Female above and male below

Academic interests

Numerical analysis, dynamical systems, biological modelling, coupled oscillators, biofilms.

The capelin - see detailed page or click on the picture (has movies!)

I have been working on modeling the migrations of the Icelandic capelin stock (see picture and papers below), using an interactive particle model. In addition I have developed a Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) model for the capelin and captured its internal variables, such as fat content and roe content (see paper below). I am working on adding this component to the interacting particle model. The ultimate goal is to be able to predict the migration patterns of the Icelandic capelin in order to efficiently catch them and manage the stock.

A snapshot from a simulation of biofilms in 3D

Biofilms - see detailed page or click on the picture (has movies!)

October 1 2010 - May 30 2011: Researcher. Awarded the UCM-EEA Abel Grant to work with Professor Ana Carpio at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. I worked on developing and programming a cellular automata model for biofilm growth. Programming done in Fortran.

Current work

I am currently working on a GIS (Geographic Information System) project for the Marine Research Institue of Iceland. The work consists of taking data (acoustic measurements and catches) of various species and creating shapefiles which will be viewed in the online software SeaSketch (Click here for more information on SeaSketch and here for a couple of videos). There, the project is called the "Icelandic Marine Research Institute."

Programming languages

I am a proficient programmer with extensive experience. I have advanced knowledge of the following languages: Fortran, C++, Matlab, and R.

Publications and other written works: (pdf)

  • Einarsson, B., Birnir, B., Bonilla, L. Ordered, Disordered and Partially Synchronized Behavior of Fish Schools. (Submitted, preprint)

  • Einarsson, B., Rodriguez, D., Carpio, A. Pattern formation in biofilms at increasing Reynolds numbers. (Submitted)

  • Rodriguez, D., Einarsson, B., Carpio, A. Biofilm growth on rugose surfaces. 2012. Physical Review E 86: 061914 (Link)

  • Einarsson, B., Birnir, B, and Sigurðsson, S. 2011. A Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) model for the energy usage and reproduction of the Icelandic capelin (Mallotus villosus). Journal of Theoretical Biology, 281: 1-8 (Link)

  • Barbaro, A., Einarsson, B., Birnir, B., Sigurðsson, S., Valdimarsson, H., Pálsson, Ó.K., Sveinbjörnsson, S., and Sigurðsson, Þ. 2009. Modelling and simulations of the migration of pelagic fish. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 66:826-838 (Link)

  • Kjartan G. Magnusson, Sven Þ. Sigurdsson and Baldvin Einarsson. 2004. A discrete and stochastic simulation model for migration of fish with application to capelin in the seas around Iceland. Science Institute, University of Iceland, Report RH-20-2004. (PDF)