Math 201 Real Analysis
Winter 2012


Lectures:    TTh 11-12:15
                             PHELP 1445

Home work assignments are here.


The textbooks are: Linear Analysis by B. Bollobas
(We will need it in November. This is  the textbook for
201ABC, and HW problems will be taken from it then.), and
The Elements of Integration and Lebesgue Measure by
R.G. Bartle (It is not formally required, but it will be good to have it.).
The main source for 201B-measure theory part will be  my notes, 
part 1,
part 2,
part 3,
part 4,
part 5,
part 5+1/2,
part 6

Other References:

A.N.Kolmogorov, S.V.Fomin, Introductory real analysis (a classics, nice exposition of the abstract part)
W.Rudin, Real and Complex Analysis (contains a lot on the measure theory part) 
A.Shiryaev, Probability (useful for measure theory part)

118ABC Undergraduate Real Analysis. This is important. 
You might experience serious difficulties with the course if
you are not comfortable with the material from 118.
It will be useful to have an undergraduate real analysis textbook
handy. For example "Analysis" by S.R.Lay, or "An Intro to
Analysis" by J.Kirkwood.


Dr Denis Labutin
Phone:  (805) 893 3066
Office:   SH6715  

Office hours:   Please, do feel free to look for me in my office at any time.
                        However,  it might happen that at a random time moment
                        I'm busy with something or out of the office, and am not
                        be able to answer your questions.
The "usual" office hours are 
                        TueWedn 12:15-1:30.  

Course Organization:

Here you can find the HW, and what and when will be covered.

Grading scheme:

Midterm            30%
Final exam        30%
HW                   40%


Is due on Thursdays at the start of the class. For the grade the
worst assignment will be dropped.

Exams Policy:

There will be one  midterm exam  and one final exam.

The Midterm will be taken on the honor system at a
place of your own choosing during the time periods indicated in
the schedule here. The "work alone and closed book" rule and the time limit
of 3 hours, start to finish, will apply. You may use your lecture notes, old HW,
and anything else written by you. You may not use textbooks, www, and anything
else written by others.

Final Exam: a 3 hours exam. We will decide on it during the first 2-3 weeks
of classes.

Grades will be calculted according to
the following table


Important Dates:

The quarter  calendar is here.

Midterm1:    TBA
Final exam:  TBA