Milen Yakimov - Publications

  1. Invariant prime ideals in quantizations of nilpotent Lie algebras , pdf, ps, arXiv:0905.0852.
  2. Cyclicity of Lusztig's stratification of Grassmannians and Poisson geometry pdf, ps, arXiv:0902.2181.
  3. Completeness of determinantal Hamiltonian flows on the matrix affine Poisson space (with Michael Gekhtman), pdf, ps, arXiv:0809.4650.
  4. The real loci of Calogero--Moser spaces, representations of rational Cherednik algebras and the Shapiro conjecture (with Iain Gordon and Emil Horozov), pdf, ps, arXiv:0711.4336.
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  7. A Deodhar type stratification on the double flag variety (with Ben Webster), Transformation Groups 12 (2007), no. 4, 769--785, pdf, ps, math.SG/0607374.
  8. Partitions of the wonderful group compactification (with Jiang-Hua Lu), Transformation Groups 12 (2007), no. 4, 695--723, pdf, ps, math.RT/0606579.
  9. Spaces of flat G-connections over surfaces and symmetrically factorizable Poisson Lie groups (with Rinat Kashaev and Nicolai Reshetikhin), in preparation.
  10. Poisson structures on affine spaces and flag varieties. II. (with K. R. Goodearl), pdf, ps. math.QA/0509075, to appear in Trans. AMS.
  11. Poisson structures on affine spaces and flag varieties. I. Matrix affine Poisson space (with K. A. Brown and K. R. Goodearl), Adv. Math. 206 (2006), 567--629, pdf, ps. math.RT/0501109.
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  13. The prolate spheroidal phenomenon and bispectral algebras of ranks 1 and 2 (with Alberto Grunbaum), latest file pdf, ps.
  14. Triangular Poisson structures on Lie groups and symplectic reduction (with Tim Hodges), pdf, ps, math.SG/0412082, Noncommutative geometry and representation theory in mathematical physics, 123--134, Contemporary Mathematics 391.
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