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  52. Geometric combinatorics of polynomials I: the case of a single polynomial (with Michael Dougherty), Journal of Algebra (2022), 607, 106-138. arx (30 pages)
to appear
  1. Connectivity at infinity for the braid group of a complete bipartite graph, (with Kristen Mazur, John Meier and Ranjan Rohatgi), to appear in the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics pdf arx (23 pages)
  2. Factoring isometries of quadratic spaces into reflections, (with Giovanni Paolini), to appear in the Journal of Algebra arx (30 pages)
  3. Fixed points of parking functions, (with Hugh Thomas and Nathan Williams), to appear in the Transactions of the AMS, pdf arx (37 pages)
  4. Dual braids and the braid arrangement (survey), to appear in the proceedings of the conference in honor of Ruth Charney pdf (15 pages)
software other writings

Here are some slides from a mini-course I gave in Regensburg in September 2017: Talk 1 Exercises Talk 2 Talk 3
During the course I claimed that braid groups are CAT(0). Unfortunately, we have found a mistake, so we have had to retract our claim.

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